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We can hermetically seal dissimilar materials such as ceramic to Inconel®.
We produce specialty bellow products in the volumes you need.

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Bellows by Senior Flexonics: We can hermetically seal dissimilar materials such as ceramic to Inconel®.

Bellows: A History of Innovation at our Specialty Products Division.

Part of the Senior plc Group (, Senior Flexonics' Bartlett, Illinois facility has a distinguished history of working with our clients to develop the right solution to meet their projects exact needs. Wernher von Braun, the leading US space rocket program architect and developer of the Saturn V launch vehicle (the booster rocket that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the moon) leveraged our capabilities during the great space race of the 1960s.
50 years later and this collaborative spirit prevails. Our Engineers will work with you to develop the best bellows solution for your specific application. Our manufacturing competencies include milling, hydro forming, welding, brazing and heat treating. We lead the industry by having innovative processes that enable us to hermetically join dissimilar materials. Senior Flexonics offers high speed assembly, testing, and contamination control.

Our products range in size and complexity from micro bellows used in automotive sensors to meet the strictest emission standards, to larger bellows measuring 12 inches in diameter. All Senior Flexonics' bellows are of the highest quality and durability. Our Engineering expertise enables us to provide customized solutions to our clients. We have developed bellows systems which can withstand the extreme low temperature of liquid helium at -452 F as well as extreme heat environments of over 2000F.

Other bellows applications include bellows seal assemblies, valve stem bellows, mechanical seals, and high vacuum equipment. Materials used include brass, bronze, beryllium copper, 300 series stainless steel, titanium, monel®, inconel®, hastelloy®, and other nickel alloys.

We also manufacture complex bellows assemblies that require forming, welding, brazing, soldering, bending, machining and assembly of metallic components for automotive and industrial applications. We service markets ranging from Automotive, Heavy-Duty Diesel, Medical/Healthcare, Military, Oil/Gas Exploration, Instrumentation/Controls, Land-Based Turbine and Micro turbine, Fuel Cell, Solar and Vacuum/Semiconductor.